Welcome to Northern Virginia Hypnotherapy

If this is your first time here, there are some things you should know.

Our Location:

10805 Main Street

Suite #800

Fairfax VA, 22030

You can see us on this map here.

Suite #800 is on the left side when you come in the door.

You may need a few extra minutes before your session to complete your forms. If you'd like to print and fill out your paperwork at home to save time, it can be downloaded here. Do not email us your completed paperwork, as we strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations.

One of the many changes we made during the COVID-19 pandemic was to keep our waiting room as empty as possible. You can call our phone number to reach someone if you need anything, but we no longer have someone in the waiting room to greet you. 

You'll find our intake paperwork on the table as you come in if you're new, and someone will come out as soon as the session before yours is done. If you're ever not sure that you're in the right office, please feel free to call. You're not bothering anyone. 

You can reach us at (703) 249-9796 on weekdays from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Before Your Appointment

1. Arrive a few minutes early. 

People see faster results when they aren't feeling rushed. This is because running late is stressful, and stress prevents relaxation. Give yourself a few extra minutes, even if you don't need them. Take your time.

2. Wear comfortable clothes. 

You will be in roughly the same position for a while. Don't wear clothing that makes you uncomfortable or distracts you. Avoid tight belts, constricting shoes, clothing that is more revealing than you're comfortable with, will make you too warm, or anything else that might distract you while in session.

3. Wear light, water-resistant makeup, if any. 

Sometimes strong emotions come up. You're encouraged to feel them. Crying is natural, and can happen in the process of working through some complex emotions. Avoid wearing heavy, water-soluble makeup to prevent it from getting in your eyes and causing irritation. If, by some chance, you do end up smudging your makeup mid-session, we have a mirror in the office you can use for touch-ups before you go.

4. Take as few medications as safely possible. 

Medications have the potential to alter your ability to focus, or go into a deep relaxing state. Avoid taking medications, unless they are medically necessary. The fewer substances in your system, the better your results will be.

5. Get enough food, water, and rest before coming. 

Hunger, thirst, and tiredness can distract you from a productive session. Take care of yourself, even if just on your session days. This obviously isn't a requirement, as we work with eating disorders, hydrophobia, and insomnia, but if you have the ability to, please take care of yourself before your appointment.

6. Ask questions. 

It's natural to have some concerns about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Please let your hypnotherapist know about any questions or concerns you have. No question is stupid, and no concern is weird. Our job here is to help you understand exactly what we do so that you can follow each exercise with ease. If you don't understand something, it's important to address it.

7. Set your phone to Do Not Disturb, or turn it off.

It's a good idea to mute your phone when you come in. Several times someone has gotten a text or call mid-session, and it completely snaps them out of what we were working on, and we have to start the exercise over. While it won't completely prevent your progress, you've just lost some time and effort. While there's no way to completely remove all distractions, we do our best. 

During Your Appointment

1. If you're uncomfortable 

If you're uncomfortable in any way, either physically or emotionally, you're encouraged to let your hypnotherapist know if something is distracting or bothering you, even in the middle of a session. If you need the restroom, you can take a break. If you start having an invasive thought, sometimes you just need to address it before it goes away. No concern is insignificant.

2. If you're too warm, cold or thirsty 

There's no reason minor discomfort should distract you during your session. Chairs can be adjusted, clothing can be rearranged. Let your hypnotherapist know if anything is distracting you, even in the middle of your session. If you're warm, we have a fan. If you're cold, we can turn up the thermostat. We offer a variety of beverages in the mini fridge, just help yourself.

3. If you are having trouble with something during your session. 

You might have trouble with specific parts of the process. Not everyone learns the same way, so not every explanation is right for everyone. Let your hypnotherapist know if you're having trouble understanding, following along, or having doubts about any part of your experience, even in the middle of your session. There have been so many times that a client mentioned something seemingly unimportant, and it turned out to be deeply important to their progress. If it really isn't significant, we can just move on. It's worth checking.

4. If you're having trouble trusting yourself 

The subconscious mind doesn’t think in the same logical way that the conscious mind does. Your subconscious mind works with metaphors, imagery, and relationships that can seem silly or nonsensical. Because hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind, sometimes the things you might be asked to do in session may seem odd, or the first answer that comes to mind might seem weird or wrong. Don't edit that answer, and don't go looking for one that makes more sense. We're following the connections your subconscious brain makes, not someone else's. Don't worry about having a "good" answer, or whether your personal experience is "normal." Trust your own thoughts and intuition, and if something's bothering you, let your hypnotherapist know.