It All Starts With a Decision

Before you even read this, you already decided to make a change. You know something's missing and you know there's more to life. Your body's natural state is to be healthy. It's not supposed to be such a struggle.

Nobody starts out thinking they aren't good enough. Somewhere along the line, something convinces them it's true. At their core, everyone is vibrant and full of life. Trauma and negative experiences cover that up over time.

That harm is reversible, but creating change isn't as simple as wanting it to happen, and willpower is only effective for about two weeks. So what do we do?

Experience Hypnotherapy

We create rapid change using your subconscious mind's immense processing power. Hypnosis is already part of how your brain works. You automate repetitive tasks like tying your shoes or driving home without having to consciously think about it every time. Subconscious thought is behind your most brilliant ideas and your strongest bonds. It's the most reliable way to make change in your life, because you can watch it happen in real time.

We use a combined approach of hypnosis and specialized mental exercises to uncover the source of each problem and address it on a subconscious level. When the work is done, it's done. No follow-up appointments.

A Customized Approach

Our clinical hypnotherapists tailor each session to your strengths to make sure you're getting results as quickly as possible. During your first session, we set aside time for diagnostic testing. You'll answer questions and complete mental exercises to assess where you're at and where you need to be, so you're fully informed and confident about your goals.

We work with a variety of issues including addiction, academic success, anxiety, sports performance, and more. We also work adjunctively with doctors and clinicians to give you the best possible care. For more information about services we provide, see our Services page.

We believe hypnotherapy is more than just a sales pitch, it’s the future of mental health. If you've already decided to change your life, or just want to know what you can do, call us at (571) 308-6308 or email

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